directed by Joel Wilson 

A young, inexperienced bartender is mistakenly kidnapped by Russian gangsters who challenge him to mix the perfect Cocktail.

Sean Watson is frequently bullied by his award-winning boss for not being very good at his job. He's clumsy, forgetful, and above all, he can't make a martini to save his life.

Unfortunately, that's just what he has to do when he is kidnapped by a group of thirsty Russian mobsters who coerce him into mixing their drinks.

What follows is an epic battle of wits, bartending and bottles as Sean has to find a way to be the bartender he has always dreamed of being and earn back his freedom. 


directed by Hayley Sheppard 

Hendrick von Hesslich, a high ranking military commander, is in charge of the WWII V‐1 rocket development programme at a secret underground location, where the rockets are designed and tested. 

He comes into conflict with Enna Gruemann, a female rocket scientist who does not want to make the breakthrough that von Hesslich needs to gain prestige.

Enna wants to work on the more exciting V-­‐2 rocket programme, where the rockets are destined for space exploration.

Von Hesslich needs to prevent her from doing this in order to achieve his goal. 


directed by Christopher Hines 

Skinny Black Tie Pictures 

Michael is a Method Actor. He is committed to his craft and takes his job very seriously.

Things become dangerous when Michael and the character he plays start to blur into each other.

Is he playing the character or does the character play him ?



directed by Petar Gatsby 

All-In Productions 

Petar Gatsby's debut as a film director.

A 30-min short, writtend by british filmmaker and screenwriter Edward Marriot.

The Wrong Right revolves around two rivaling Mafia Familes and the subject of loyalty towards the family on one side and good conscience on the other.

When Eddie finds out that his sister and head of the Family Mob Sarah wants to assassin the rival Mafia Boss Dawn, he is faced with a difficult decision.

It just so happens that Dawn is his best friends mother.

Should he keep quiet and watch Dawn get killed or speak up and stab his sister in the back?


officer wiesler 

directed by Pat Süveg 

Kultura Productions, Skoden Pictures 

Innocent little Kovac did not choose the martyr’s life; the martyr’s life chose him. 

A short film produced by JIS Image Productions as part of New Zealands largest Filmmaking Competition, the 48 Hours Furios Filmmaking Festival. 

JIS Image Productions 

directed by Roman Hu 

harper harrison 
54 DAYS 

directed by Tim Lea 

7Seas Productions 

Sydney Science Fiction Film Festival 2014 

A well-to-do Sydney party disintegrates into chaos and panic when a bomb goes off forcing 5 friends into a 1960's nuclear shelter. As food and water runs out they are forced to make an impossible decision - either one dies or they all die. 

Fallen Angel is a SciFi, Fantasy network movie produced by the Canadian Chinese Media Network (CCMN) for WOWtv.
It revolves around Bruce, the Fallen Angel.

He must take the other seven Fallen Angels’ special necklaces in order to gain freedom. 
Each Angel represents one deadly sin.

Canadian Chinese Media Network (CCMN) 

directed by Ji Hua Hu 

fallen angel 
Hello au revoir 

directed by Jason Croot 

Jcp, Zelica Films 

1000 Actors from all around the World help create a very unique and groundbreaking Feature Film.