BIG REVIEW TV - TV Presenter

THE WRONG RIGHT - Director, Co-Producer, Actor

All-In Productions

A 30 min Short Film Directed by Petar Gatsby. Written by Edward Marriott. 

Two rivaling mafia families are the subject of a sicken twisted game of Samantha's.  

When Jacob finds out his sister Samantha is secretly plotting to assassinate the rival mafia boss Sylvia,

he is faced with a difficult decision to either keep his mouth shut or confide in his best friend Lucy who happens to be the daughter of Sylvia.

Loyalty and friendships are tested in the families. Will Jacob keep quiet and watch his best friend's mother get killed or will he speak up and stab his own flesh and blood in the back?

THE WHOLEHEARTED - Stage Manager (Devising Period)

MASSIVE Theater Company - directed by Samantha Scott, Scotty Cotter

A mystical heart-healer uncovers a world of characters all searching for a wholehearted life. The broken-hearted through to the eternally optimistic tell stories of devotion, love lost & found and the Tinderverse.

Cutting Edge Drama - Drama Tutor

Screen Acting Class for Beginners

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